Ongoing Standards


Multiple Meaning Words

Identify multiple meaning words used as

nouns and verbs.

Example:  watch   1. a timepiece worn on the wrist (noun)

                           2. to look at something (verb)

                  can    1. a cylinder (noun)

                           2. to be able to do something (verb)


2-digit Addition with Regrouping  

Regroup 10 ones as 1 ten       

Example:       23

                   + 18






Double Consonant Syllabication

-divide words with double consonants into syllables

Example:  lesson =  les/son

                 beginning =  be/gin/ning


2-digit Subtraction with regrouping

-Regroup 1 ten as 10 ones


- 29


Common Nouns: identify common nouns in a sentence     


-er and -est endings:  identify words that mean "more than"  with -                                                   -er endings

                                                 identify words that mean "the most" with -est   endings

                                       Example:  bigger= more big

                                                         biggest=the most big

 Plane Shapes

Plane shapes: flat shapes.

triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, circle, hexagon

Side: a line that is part of a shape

Angle: an angle is the space between two lines that meet at a vertex

Vertex: a point where two sides meet

Vertices: more than one vertex

Proper nouns

Example: city is a noun

Fresno is a proper noun

Compound words

Example: cup + cake = cupcake

back + pack= backpack

Solid Shapes

cone, cylinder, sphere, rectangular prism, cube, pyramid


Quotation Marks" "

Example: (add the missing quotation marks)

Mrs. Cortez asked, Ricky, do you want to carry the sword?



half, halves, thirds, fourths, etc.

whole, parts of a whole, unit fraction

Plural Nouns

Example: add -es to words ending in ch, tch, sh, and x

fox + es = foxes             dish + es = dishes



inch, foot, yard, mile, centimeter, meter, unit


un= not

un + happy = unhappy (not happy)



equal groups, array, rows, columns, product

2 x 3 =  2 "groups of" 3 





Example: change the adjective quick to an adverb quickly

-ly = in a way that is

-ful= full of



5 Parts of a letter

Date, Greeting, Body, Closing, and Signature


                                                                          December 6, 2010

Dear Pen Pal,

     Let me tell you about my family. I have two brothers and one sister. My sister is the oldest. Her name is Mary and she helps me with my homework.





 Irregular Plural Nouns 
 Rhyming Words 
 -tion, -ture


 Cause and Effect 

 Dictionary Entry Words