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Introducing the Accelerated Reading Program (AR) 

This program aims to improve every child’s reading ability as well as their comprehension level. At the beginning of each school year, your child takes the STAR reading test in our computer lab. From this they are given a reading level based on their score. They will use that reading level to select books appropriate for them from our school library, classroom library, local bookstore, public library, their home, etc…

When they finish reading their book, AT THEIR READING LEVEL, they will then take a comprehension test on an AR website, earning AR points. Based on their results from the STAR reading comprehension test, each student will have a specific number of AR points that he/she is working toward. They must reach their first personal 9 week goal by October 15th. 

We have already begun the program in our room with the kids taking comprehension tests on books that they have read on their own as well as in class. Now they will be earning points for tests that are passed. 

Each student will receive a bookmark with their ultimate goal points.  To make sure that students reach their goal, it is very important that they are spending 20 minutes each night reading and writing about what they read. 

If you would like to look up books and find the reading level, so your child is reading the correct level, please use the following address: 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please encourage your child to reach their reading goal! Thank you for your partnership in your child’s education.  

At River Bluff We Learn to Read, Lead, and Succeed! 


Mrs. Campos